Friday, September 24, 2010

Tons of work to do here, but here's a few things:

1. The election cycle has got all of us Democrats in DuPage County running our tails off. You can read more about DuPage County at , or, if you're a Twitter fan, at .

I've been doing IT support for the Democratic Party of DuPage County, including computer repair and maintenance, web strategy and outreach, blogging, and more. Needless to say, the County's needs are great, and have put my local Precinct web presence on the back-burner until after the election cycle.

For now, the best source of news for what I'm up to will be the DuPage County blog (which is the one linked above) , although I can give you a sneak preview of one upcoming event here:

In late October, I'll be hosting a meet-n-greet in Precinct 112 with three of the top female Democratic  candidates for office in DuPage County. We should be having coffee, cookies, tea, lemonade, and plenty of discussion.

Regards, and thank you for your support,

Dan Stafford
PC, York-112