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New YTDO Acting Secretary

New YTDO Acting 2nd Vice Chair

YTDO By-Law Amendment?


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New YTDO Acting Secretary

Please welcome Brian LaVaque as Acting Secretary and Executive Committee Member of York Township Democratic Organization. Brian has served as an appointed Committeeman of York 27 for over 6 months. He is an active member of Young Democrats of DuPage County and is experienced in campaigning. His enthusiasm and diligence are an inspiration to us all!

Former Secretary Nadine Stachon has resigned to have more time with her elderly mother and grandchildren. Nadine earned the YTDO Committeeman of the Year Award in 2010.Thank you Nadine for your hard work for so many years!



New YTDO Acting Second Vice Chair

Welcome Cathy Sewell as Acting 2nd Vice Chair of York Township Democratic Organization. Cathy is an appointed Committeeman of Precinct 68 and currently serves as 1st Vice Chair of the Democratic Party of DuPage County. She is already working with the County setting up its structure for committeeman recruitment.

Former 2nd Vice Chair Debra Briggs has resigned so she can continue her education and career! We thank her for her many years of service and will miss her!



YTDO Considering Amending


Two appointed Committeemen have been appointed to fill vacated offices: Brian LaVaque (York 27) has been appointed Acting Secretary; Cathy Sewell (York 68) has been appointed Acting Second Vice Chair.

YTDO By-Laws do not require an elected committeeman to fill the office of Secretary; however, they do require an elected committeeman to fill the office of Second Vice Chair. The position of 2nd Vice Chairwoman is responsible for recruiting committeemen. Cathy is organizing outreach for precinct committeemen at the County level. She has the experience to fill this position which needs to be filled immediately for our organization to function.

It is true that Cathy is not an elected committeeman, which is a requirement for 2nd Vice Chair. However, as Acting 2nd Vice Chair, she is temporarily stepping in  to meet the immediate needs of YTDO by filling a position vacated near the end of an election term. It is not uncommon to fill vacated offices by appointment of an acting officer until a new officer can be found and voted into office.  In such cases, experience at the job takes precedence over "on paper" qualifications. This does not infringe on the By-Laws of YTDO.

YTDO is considering amending our By-laws so the offices of 2nd and 3rd Vice Chairs can be open to appointed Committeemen so that we may more flexibility in filling our offices.  Another change under consideration is replacing the 3rd Vice Chair Office with the Office of Election Judge Coordinator and opening this office, currently reserved for elected committeemen, to an election judge, committeeman or member at large. Let us know how you feel about changing our By-Laws at www.yorkdemocrats.com or at the York Township Democratic Organization face book page.




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York Township Democratic Organization

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