Thursday, March 31, 2011

York PC 112: I Just Got Some New Business Cards...

...which I'll start handing out to voters in my Precinct over the next couple of days.

I'm going to start off with 60 or 70 to begin with, and see how it goes. That will give my voters direct knowledge of this blog and my e-mail address, so that voters in my Precinct can reach me.

I'm not giving out my phone number, simply because I'm not always on the same hours, which makes sleep difficult. Phone calls when you're sleeping odd hours make it even more difficult.

I'm hoping this will help me get my voters communicating with each other over the long term as well. If the democratic voters in my Precinct are working together, I can do a much better job of representing their interests. Eventually, I'll start a Yahoo! e-mail group for York 112.

Which brings me to my Reason Of The Day To Be a Precinct Committeeman:

You get to do cool creative projects, like designing business cards! I did my own card at home on my laptop and printed it out on blank card stock. I'm really happy with the way it turned out.

See, not too tough! 

All the best,


York PC 112: In This Nuclear World, What Is the Meaning of "Safe"?

In a nuclear crisis, life becomes a nightmare for those people trying to make sense of the uncertainties. Imaginably, the questions are endless.
Radiation is invisible, how do you know when you are in danger? How long will this danger persist? How can you reduce the hazard to yourself and family? What level of exposure is safe? How do you get access to vital information in time to prevent or minimize exposure? Full Story

Note from Dan:

Illinois has more nuclear power plants than any other State in the USA. We also have the New Madrid fault zone in the Southern part of the State. It might be a good idea to wake up, pay attention, and see if we can't get ahead of this beast a little. If you think that this can't affect you, think again. Japan's economy is the third largest in the world, and radioactive material can be carried on the wind around the globe. We need to know what's going on with this issue.

York PC 112: Why We Can't Afford To Fix Anything Locally

Little guy, huh? Tough as nails, though, and sees straight through the BS to the true cost of the way we're currently doing things.

Not everyone is going to agree with me, but I strongly believe that if we don't start dealing with our domestic issues, we may not have much of a country left in ten years.

Go get 'em, Dennis.


Wednesday, March 30, 2011

York PC 112: ROTD2BPC #4 - Raising Awareness

Many Democrats and Progressives in DuPage County can feel pretty isolated. After all, DuPage County has a long history of being dominated by Republicans. One look at the choices on our ballots can tell you that.

A good Precinct Committeeman can help end that feeling of idealogical isolation. You'll know that you're not the only person who feels that it's time for a change to positive, rational, and fair action around the country and right here at home, when you spend time going out and meeting other Democratic voters in your own Precinct. You'll also help provide that sense of community to Dems in your Precinct by your time and efforts.

How many times have you wondered who these candidates are that are running for local office, or even which ones are Democrats? A Precinct Committeeman should be providing you with that information.

If there's not a PC in your Precinct, please consider becoming one! We need your help and input.

Since Illinois is organized by Townships, you can Google-search your Township Democratic Organization, and contact them online. If you aren't able to find them that way, please contact me by clicking on my picture at the upper right of this blog, and I'll do my best to help you locate them. Your Township Democrats can help you do what's needed and teach you what to do.

All the best,


Tuesday, March 29, 2011

York PC 112: ROTD2BPC #3

You'll get to take slow, leisurely walks through your Precinct on nice, sunny days.

I make it a point to pick nice-weather days for walking my precinct. Eventually I'll know where all the flowers are, and maybe who grows the best ones.



York PC 112: Over 4 Million Move Their Accounts From Wall Street Banks in 2010

Over 4 Million Move Their Accounts From Wall Street Banks in 2010:

Note from Dan: Now THIS is one way to vote that DEFINITELY counts. We all vote with our wallets in the way we do things every day. Going with smaller regional banks and credit unions is one way to take some out of the wind of Wall Street's sails - and slow down the bad ship Lobbyist.

York PC 112: ADA Released Their Annual Congressional Voting Record Last Week...

York PC 112: Low-Income Free Dental Clinic In Wheaton Likely To Close Over Lack Of Donations

The Chicago Tribune is reporting that the charity dental clinic in Wheaton may have to close due to lack of funding. Personally, I think this is going to be hard on people who're falling through the cracks in our insurance system.

Full Story:,0,5312905.story

York PC 112: Dianne McGuire For C.O.D. Trustee

Dianne McGuire for Naperville Township Treasurer

As I noted in an earlier post, I've heard Dianne speak, and she's quite passionate about the future and excellence of the College Of DuPage, our local Community College.

C.O.D. is a shining jewel of a community college, with excellent resources and programs. I strongly urge you to vote for Dianne, who will treasure it and do everything in her power to make it meet the current and future needs of students, first and foremost.

You can reach Dianne and her campaign at:

Friends of Dianne McGuire
Campaign Office Headquarters
1235 Tennyson Lane
Naperville, IL  60540

Dianne's companion candidate is Max Bochmann Max Bochmann Photo 



Monday, March 28, 2011

Hilarious Bill Maher Quote...

"GE paid no 2010 taxes and got a huge refund after making $14bln in profit because they have an
Army of mutant ninja tax lawyers."


Chicago Tribune Editorial Promotes Anti-union Florida Education "Reform" Bill - For Illinois!

Another big company wanting to further the goal of destroying unions, employee rights, and public education by demonizing teachers in the propaganda machine grist mill, in my opinion.

Sorry, but the working people of this country have taken enough.

I will always be for the working folk of this country first and foremost, right here in my Precinct.

I strongly encourage working Americans to do the same. Get involved in your local party organizations in a big way!

Which brings me to my Reason Of The Day for being a PC: You get to have a say in local Party policy, candidates, officers, and activities.

Note One on this ROTD2BPC, you should ethically be representing the interests of the voters of your Party in your Precinct. I intend to do my best this Spring and Summer to get to know those voters much better so that I can be effective in that duty. This is one of the main reasons I started this blog, to open the lines of two-way communication with my Precinct.

Back to the subject at hand: PC's are elected officers of the Party organization. They are elected on the public ballot by the voters in their Precinct. PC's therefore carry a vote in Party polls weighted by the number of ballots pulled for that Party in the last Primary election in their Precinct, at least in the DuPage County Democratic Party. I'm sure there are similar mechanisms in other areas.

Additionally, you get to know your local Party officers and candidates, and vote for them. They in-turn get to know you. You can give suggestions, both in private and in open Party meetings. You get to help influence the local makeup and activities of your Party, which in the end can trickle up to national Party policies, and help local issues get addressed.

So, what do you think happens with your Precinct if there's no PC? It has no voice! All the other Precincts with PC's have a voice, but yours doesn't. Sure, PC's from other Precincts will walk yours a little before the elections, telling you who the candidates are. But your Precinct had no say in who's running, simply because no one decided to take the time to speak up for it.

Do you know where the pool of State and national candidates comes from? Local candidates and PC's, mostly.



Illinois Senate President John Cullerton is wading into the deep end of the pool again.

Illinois Senate President John Cullerton is wading into the deep end of the pool again. “Just a week or so after suggesting that Illinois maybe should begin taxing some retirement income, the Chicago Democrat indicated he could support three other equally controversial ideas: requiring suburban school districts to pay more of the cost of teacher pensions, trimming free health care for retired state workers and eliminating many township governments.”

Sunday, March 27, 2011

York PC 112: The Desperate Need For Precinct Committeemen (Or Persons, Captains, or Equivalent)

All across the country, the most basic element of our Democratic Party infrastructure is in a state of chronic shortage; the precinct-level representative.

The office is unpaid in most cases. You have to be elected in most cases. You have to walk your Precinct and drop off literature to its voters advising them who your candidates are. You're only a household name in a few houses near yours. People might look at you a little sideways for taking this on. "Why?" they may ask.

Because of many reasons. I'm going to start writing a note a day about reasons why I became a Committee-whatever. I'll call it "Why I'm a PC: Reason of the day."

Let's start with this one: getting to know your neighbors.

These days, it seems like few of us know the people who live around us are. Do they care about anything? Do they need help with anything? What are their talents, hobbies, hopes, and dreams? Have they just moved in, are they moving out, have they lived here for years? What neat little neighborhood things might they know that I don't? What is the most local of local history? Is there a hidden path or trail I don't know? Community garden plots? A little park that could use fixing or cleaning? Great recipes in their family? Local artists, craftsmen, or musicians?

Being a Precinct Whatever can give you a chance to find some of those things out. It also can give you a chance to help build a sense of local community. It doesn't have to be just politics - that's just your minimum function.

I want to get better at this. I think this part of it is key.

Food for thought, hmm?

All the best,


Gov. Pat Quinn on Friday named a former longtime Chicago police officer to head the Illinois State Police

Gov. Pat Quinn on Friday named a former longtime Chicago police officer to head the Illinois State Police, one of several high-level staff changes as the governor settles into his first full term in office. “Quinn also appointed a high-ranking union official to oversee the Department of Labor, naming Joe Costigan as director of the agency that oversees wages and working conditions. Costigan serves as the serves as the secretary and treasurer of Workers United, which is part of the Service Employees International Union. Costigan is a former vice president of the Illinois AFL-CIO. Both unions supported Quinn during last year's election, with the AFL-CIO donating $60,000 to Quinn's campaign and national and local branches of SEIU contributing more than $2 million, according to state records.”,0,2499620.story

Saturday, March 26, 2011

I Was Just Reading About York Center Park District...

...on their web site at .

What a wonderful community asset!

They have several parks in the area, including Villa Roosevelt Park, which is in our Precinct. Their office is also in York 112. I'll have to stop in for a visit one morning.

The Park District also has numerous excellent programs and events throughout the year. I strongly encourage York 112 residents to visit them online! I'll be adding them to my links list soon.



York PC 112: Hmm. We Have A Park In Our Precinct. I'm Thinking...

...have a late Spring gathering / festival at the small park in my Precinct, maybe in late May.

Maybe we could grill out together, a kind of "meet the neighbors" event. Nothing formal or partisan.

I'll make a visit to the park I'm thinking of, get its information, contact the Park District, and see what happens. If it can be done, it'll be a good excuse for me to walk my precinct again, now that my foot's starting to get better. (I fractured a piece of cartilage in my right ankle in January, but it's almost healed now.)

The park I'm thinking of is bordered by 14th & 15th Streets, 3rd street, and Luther Avenue. Google Map Satellite view:

There looks to be parking for 24 vehicles in the park itself, but most of us could walk or bike there. Hmm. I can't get the name of the park on the sign in Google Street View, it's too blurred. Seems like one of those detail;s their little camera van should've paid attention to. You can see the sign, but not read it. There's a gazebo, playground, baseball diamond, and more there.

Maybe we could get some local talent to play music for us, or get some boom boxes at least.

If anyone has thoughts on this, click on my picture at the upper-right of this blog, or leave me a comment on this post.

This might be fun!


York PC 112: Green Net Chicago Gardening Classes and More!

"GreenNet Is...

A coalition of nonprofit organizations and public agencies committed to sharing information and resources serving as a clearinghouse for information about greening in Chicago and developing joint efforts to improve the quality, amount, use, and wide geographic distribution of sustainable, green open space in the City of Chicago."

Join GreenNet for the 19th annual

Green and Growing Fair

April 30th, 10-2 at the Garfield Park Conservatory
300 N. Central Park Ave. Chicago, IL
The fair will include gardening workshops, classes and demos, a silent auction and gardening book sale, plant and gardening supply vendors, exhibitors, food and live music, all in the beautiful setting of the conservatory. GreenNet will be unveiling it's new website and city-wide map of community gardens at this, its annual fund-raiser.

Notes from Dan: Couldn't we use something like that around Oak Brook???

York PC 112: 2011 Kids Matter Job Fair features 2,500 + Opportunities

Note from DanKids Matter has lots of resources for area Youth. Take a few minutes to give THEIR WEB SITE a look-over.

Naperville Sun: Hud Report casts More Doubt On DuPage Housing Authority

Note from Dan: I don't know about your opinion on this, but to me it's another example of bad politicians running an agency that's supposed to help the community into the ground so they can say "Look, Government bad!" while at the same time, playing with public money. Can we get some different people running things around here yet???

GE's corporate tax bill: Zero

The company didn't pay any US taxes in 2010. In fact, it got a tax benefit of $3.2 billion. With video updates. Slogging through your taxes right now? Maybe you could hire someone from General Electric (GE) to help. The company has beaten Uncle Sam. It paid no U.S. taxes for 2010, The New York Times reported. In fact, it received a tax benefit of $3.2 billion. It's not that GE can claim poverty. The company rang up $14.2 billion in profits last year, including $5.1 billion from U.S. Operations. How did GE do it? Through what the Times describes as "innovative accounting" and fierce lobbying, GE has been cutting its tax bill for years. In a stroke of genius, it hired a former Treasury official to lead its tax department and filled its team with former IRS employees and Congressional tax specialists. The top corporate tax rate is supposed to be 35% -- one of the highest in the world. But few companies actually pay that rate, since there are myriad loopholes and other ways to get breaks. Now, the Times reports, only 6.6% of Uncle Sam's tax revenue comes from corporations (down from 30% in the 1950s).

Note from Dan:
I have to say this makes me angry. With all the difficulties local governments are facing in funding, corporations are making billions of dollars and not paying a dime to help the common good through taxes. It is exactly this kind of behavior that is driving efforts to do things like putting RFID trackers in cars and pickup trucks to tax mileage on strapped Middle Class taxpayers.

Quinn on restructuring debt to help small business

Get new money from federal government and not have to borrow new money (video)

Big Turnout For Early Voting In City, Suburbs

COD program gives students international experience

“Spanish professor Sandy Anderson and her colleague, history professor John Paris, spoke to the COD board of trustees Thursday about the International Negotiations Module Project, a four-year-old program that trains COD students to navigate an increasingly interdependent world. “We just had a summit meeting today and it was very exciting,” Anderson said of a series of student discussions focused on a “super bug,” or one that is resistant to antibiotics. INMP dates only to 2007, when the idea was discovered at an academic seminar. Since then, it has grown to about 70 COD students. “We’ve seen steady growth,” Anderson said.”

Gov. Pat Quinn Gives Illinois Health Care Reform a Big, Fat Push Forward

Gov. Pat Quinn Gives Illinois Health Care Reform a Big, Fat Push Forward 

“In 2010, the Wisconsin Legislative Fiscal Bureau estimated that President Barack Obama's new health reform would save the state budget $365 million over the next five years. In 2011, newly-inaugurated Tea Party Governor Scott Walker, despite a gaping budget deficit, ordered the state Attorney General to add Wisconsin to list of states suing in federal court to overturn the new health insurance law. And so it goes with our northern neighbor, whose governor is giving the term "crank" a good name by comparison. In Illinois, however, on the one-year anniversary of the new federal health law, Governor Pat Quinn has been blazing forward to implement its provisions. In fact, since taking office, Quinn has been on tear to reform Illinois health care more broadly.”

Courtesy of Paul Sjordal