Wednesday, April 6, 2011

York PC 112: York Township Democratic Organization - Something We Do Each Year

YTDO is a great organization, with a long and rich history. We have an annual tradition, our St. Patrick's Day Dinner. It's our primary fundraiser, and also entertaining.

This year, we had a State Senator speak, and in solidarity with Labor around the country, we had a Mother Jones reenactor speak. Both were excellent.

YTDO has had a long history of distinguished speakers for St. Patrick's Day. They are all listed yearly in or program book.

(I'm not quite sure why Blogger is rotating these pictures. Click on images to view full-size.)

Why St. Patrick's Day? To honor the Irish, who worked long and hard through our Democratic process to change attitudes about legal immigrants to America. To quote Carol Davis, our Chair, the Irish went from "No Irish need apply" to "Everyone's a wee bit Irish on St. Patty's Day."


Please consider joining us, and or advertising with us next year in 2012!

All the best.


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